Thursday, March 27, 2008

fun book ideas

I was reading bluelines, the Martha Stewart blog dedicated to her magazine 'Blueprint', which has sadly been cancelled, when I came across the blank board books sold by Romp. This is a delightful little shop in Brooklyn. (I'm beginning to think with all of these creative and great things in Brooklyn that it's calling my name).

I absolutely love the youthful quality of these adorable blank books. The possibilities are endless and inspiring. While they would be a fun and meaningful afternoon project with children or baby shower activity, I am also thinking they would be great personalized gifts with a little more sophistication.

I've most definitely not lost my love for book making, however these are inexpensive and immediate. I also think they would be great to journal in while traveling and create personalized travel guides tailored towards the lucky recipient.

This weekend we are supposed to have beautiful weather, so I'll probably hit the town and look around for some inspiration.

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