Tuesday, March 18, 2008

trying something new

Thankfully my parent's last day was without rain. It was still chilly due to the strong winds, but that didn't stop us. We decided to go back to the Englischer Garten and then to walk through town. We saw many dogs playing and people enjoying the last bits of sun before our snowy weekend begins.

We walked through the park and then around the University area. I wanted to show my parents the unique monument to the 'Weiße Rose' in front of the Ludwig-Maximilian-University, as well as the wall to remember, which has pockmarks from the bombing during WWII.

I had read about Sarcletti's ice cream in various Munich books, and then Stefan's mom reminded me of it when we saw her on Saturday. Surprisingly I had never been there. I decided that would be something new to all of us. She said last year the big flavor was garlic... yes, garlic ice cream. I love how adventurous the ice cream shops are here, so we made it a bit of a mission to check it out.

After a lot of walking and a few metro stops we arrived for some ice cream. My Dad had a scoop of pine nut carmel and coconut, I had cheese cake and mango, and my mom had latte macchiato and indian chai. They were all quite good, however I am still partial to Schuhbeck's. I must say there is a really beautiful flower shop right by Sarcletti's. You can also admire my cute new scarf - thanks for making me get it Mom!

I was delighted to stumble upon a little shop in Schwabing that had fun gifts. I am surprised I haven't seen it before. I was able to find Stefan a gift for Easter, a German Chinese picture dictionary similar to the English German one we have. I also found Munich city cards, which are tiny business sized maps with information on the back, including restaurants in the area, public transport maps, and other cultural information. I always love maps!

They also now have a German Turkish picture dictionary that some of my old classmates (and perhaps new) would greatly appreciate. I'm a big fan of these dictionaries - you can learn the language and worst case scenario point to the picture. It looks like Stefan is going to be heading back to China, so maybe he'll be able to brush up on his Chinese while he's at it.

We had a laid back evening and enjoyed our chocolates from Stancsics. They have a wide array including mango, saffran, champagne, green tea, orange, coffee, and salted carmel. We did eat real food too, but as always - there is so much to do and so little time, which is why it seems we are overindulging. Besides - what sane person ever says no to ice cream and chocolates?

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Caitlin said...

This ice cream looks so good! You have lots of places to take visitors!