Thursday, March 20, 2008

pretty little things

As soon as spring was around the corner we are now having flurries. Germany likes to do that... Last year, I remember one huge snow after a barren winter, and it looks like history will repeat itself. We may not have had a white Christmas, but we'll have a white Easter.

Stefan went to the flower shop this morning to get his grandma some flowers for her birthday and he picked up some beautiful purple tulips for me. That's a great thing to wake up to!

Another thing I can't wait to add to my collection is a beautiful yellow Cherbourg coat that I just bought from the obvious - J.crew (my favorite). I had seen this coat online at Oh Happy Day! and thought it was adorable... and now I'm the proud owner of it.

Although I am very simple - I rarely wear makeup and my only hair product is shampoo, I have what could be called an accessory addiction. I love simple things that have some pizzazz... silk scarves, classic hand bags, bright shoes, and elegant coats. I will probably be the old lady in the bright clothes one day. What can I say - the pretty little things make me happy!

I have this problem where I see things that I love and then envision where I see myself using it. On occasion it crosses my mind that something would look great as I float down a river on a boat in Thailand. I know it probably sounds crazy and I fully admit that, because I don't even have a trip planned to Thailand. However, I do have several dresses that would fit the occasion. Dresses are another weakness of mine. They are my spring and summer staple since they are effortless and cute.

So as the snow falls I will consider all of the great places I can wear my new jacket (I think the Spanish steps in Rome would be fitting). I will be enjoying an afternoon in, appreciating my tulips even more while I work on my photos and DVD slide shows. There are so many beautiful photos from all of our day trips and I can't wait to add them to our collection.

Here's a quick sample that will be added to the circle art I made above. I love it.

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