Sunday, March 16, 2008


Today we spent the day the Zugspitze, or I should say the foothills of the mountain. Unfortunately weather wasn't so great on the top of mountain so we were unable to take the gondola up. Instead we had a beautiful day at the Eibsee. It was very much a geologist's dream. There were so many interesting ice shelves and natural processes going on all around.

My favorite area was the Frillensee. It was a tiny serene little lake tucked away and surrounded by mountains. What was really fascinating was how the ice had formed a hollow shelf that Stefan loved to throw other pieces of ice down to create a shattering sound.

Randomly there would also be areas of shattered ice that he called pockets of diamonds. There were little natural treasures around every corner. Everything there is so beautiful, even on an overcast day.

The ducks were also very sweet. They walked on the ice, very close to people probably in hopes of being fed. I was happy to test out my mom's new camera and it's underwater function to catch a few photos of the duck's feet in the water. Stefan was wary telling me 'I wouldn't go that close to the water with the ice' to which I responded 'I would'. I am happy that I did - the photos are really cool.

I also loved the shots of the ducks on the water. You can also see the rocks that were thrown on the ice behind them. It's a really neat effect thanks to being able to submerge the camera. My camera has an underwater housing unit, which we used in the Maldives last year. I think they are ingenious and will get one like my Mom's once mine dies.

My Dad and I enjoyed making everyone anxious by climbing down the mossy cliffs and looking at everything up close, or going near the ice on the edge of the water. Sometimes it's funny how similar and inquisitive we are. Once again the day was magical. Being in nature, enjoying the serenity and calmness, as well as spending it with people that I love dearly is just a beautiful thing.

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Abby said...

I love the duck pictures! Especially the underwater one!