Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter everywhere

Easter is a very commercial holiday in Europe. It's really quite amazing how Americans get mocked for their lighted houses and kitschy Christmas decorations, because Easter, while lacking the lights, is just as commercial here. I realize I live in Bavaria, which is hugely Catholic, but may of my ex-pat counterparts in other countries have also commented on this phenomenon. From the perspective of friends in the Netherlands click here.

Europe has Easter decor that America hasn't thought to market yet. Every home that I have visited since I have been back has had an egg tree. Yesterday on the news I saw a man dressed as the Easter bunny, his house was decked out and included a plush rabbit that laid colored eggs. Stefan was also given a colored egg from the grocery that had their name printed onto the side. Fortunately in addition to the decorations and family get togethers there are also a few extra days off to appreciate time with loved ones - or at least the loved ones that are on the same side of the ocean.

Something else that I've been reminded of lately is the very German use of mint green and a peachy orange. Not only in the Easter decor, but the restaurant used these colors on their walls, and our company apartment in Frankfurt also had the orange color. I notice more people use of warm tones while decorating here. I've seen many country kitchens in America, but never the use of orange or mint green.

Enjoy Easter however you celebrate!

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