Monday, March 3, 2008

Posts revisited

A few things have come to my attention recently and I wanted to create another post relating to things I've written about before.

A reader sent me the following video link about the graffiti movement in Berlin from the New York Times - it's really great! Thanks Jen! Funny enough it has the song 'schlechtes vorbild' by Sido, which I wrote about here.

Berlin Graffiti video

While not all of my questions have been answered, I saw this in Boston's Chinatown and knew that I had to share it... I must also note that this shop had live chickens inside.

There were distinctions made in the types of chicken including black chicken, brown chicken, white chicken, silkies, Guinea hen, chuckar, squab, Mallard duck, and Muscovy duck. It still doesn't entirely answer my questions as to what kind of chicken is served at a typical restaurant, however Chipotle advertises they have naturally raised chicken, which means it is never be given antibiotics, they have more room to move about than in conventional chicken operations and are vegetarian fed, never given animal by-products. (Another diversion from meat for me - shouldn't these things be expected?!) Chipotle is the largest restaurant buyer naturally raised meats in the country according to their website.

I'm already looking forward to getting back to Munich in a week. It's going to be great showing my parents around. I want to see what initially surprises them in the cultural differences. I've been warned that it will be a bit strange having them depend more on me and having a role reversal due to the language barrier. We're bringing the cold weather with us, but I'm really ready for spring. I've stocked up on cute dresses and I can't wait to wear them all.

Keep having thoughts of spring everyone!

Another update - I just received an email from Doug Snyder from Snyder's of Hanover Pretzels about their pretzel ice cream cones. I wrote him asking where I could purchase these and he said "Cones are still being tested, and are not available for purchase." The only place I'm aware that you can test them is at the Graeters in Mason, Ohio. If you make it there and love them, be sure to email Doug and let him know what a genius the inventor is. Their email is:

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JoernandAllison said...

Pretzel ice cream cones!!! That seems unreal! They sound so tasty!

I can't believe you're headed back so soon already. It seems like yesterday that you were leaving. An entire month seemed like an eternity. You must be really excited though to have your parents coming back with you! And of course, you'll be back with Stefan :)