Sunday, June 1, 2008

Visitor's Guide to Salzburg

Since I spend a lot of time in Salzburg, I figured I would write a visitor's guide similar to the one I made for Munich.

Considering I only go to Salzburg a couple times a week, at most, this may not be as thorough, but I will do what I can! To read more of my posts on Salzburg, or to see more photos click here.

Obviously the list will also continue to grow and I will do my best to update it when I stumble upon great things.

These are some of the restaurants + stores that I enjoy and hopefully some helpful info for tourists. Please let me know if you have questions or are planning a trip by commenting on any post. I'll do what I can to help!

Reasons to visit Salzburg
  • It's UNESCO's largest world heritage site (Old Town).
  • Baroque architecture - they claim everything to be the largest Baroque (fountain, church, etc.) North of the Alps.
  • Music - not only do they have the 'living rock' Festungsberg, but they also have everything Mozart (despite the fact he wasn't very fond of Salzburg - but that's another story)
  • The Sound of Music
  • Mirabell Gardens
  • This is a great map of the city from the tourist office.
Some of my favorite restaurants - addresses and locations can be found on the respective websites.

  • Indigo - fast and healthy alternative if you are tired of Austrian (meat heavy) food. Rice and noodle dishes, as well as soups and salads.
  • St. Paul's Stube - frequented by college students.
  • Vogel frei - international menu with fair prices.
  • cappomio - stylish locale with Italian meals. 2 locations.
  • Public Market - located in front of the Collegiate Church - typical sausages, produce stands, and Salzburger pretzels.

Austrian food + beer
  • Steigl beer is Salzburg's beer. If you would like to visit the Steigl brewery check out Brauwelt. If you just want to try it check out the local grocery.
  • Some speciality dishes from Austria include Kaiserschmarrn and Strudel.
Nicer meals

  • St. Peter's Keller - one of Europe's oldest restaurants dating back to 803.
  • Magazin - a unique and simple restaurant that also offers cooking seminars. Austrian fusion food with Mediterranean and Asian influences.
  • M32 - a beautiful restaurant with the most spectacular views
  • Restaurant Riedenburg - also has a beautiful 3 course lunch for 18€.

Unique / Specialty
  • Carpe Diem - 'finest finger foods', partly owned by Dietrich Mateschitz (owner of Red Bull energy drink). I have seen the Carpe Diem tea brand for sale in the US.
  • Bio Bistro Spicy Spice - vegan / vegetarian . Located at Wolf-Dietrich Straße 1.
  • Spoon - Asian inspired dishes.  [unfortunately this is closed]
  • Demel - a great place for teas, confections, and other sweets. (one of my favorites - amazing gelato) [sadly, closed]
  • Fingerlos - exquisite pastries and an all around nice café. (another favorite)
  • Braun - an interesting array of unique chocolates.
  • Hotel Sacher - includes a café, where you can sample Austria's famed Sacher Torte. If you don't care to sit down, I suggest purchasing a 'würfel' (cube) of cake at the gift shop on the side.
  • Fürst Café - purveyors of the original Mozartkugel candy. I recommend the Millennium (champagne) truffles.
  • Tomaselli Café - family owned for over 300 years.
  • Interio - home design shop.
  • Billa - grocery in the old town with a fair variety.
  • vom fass - specialty wines, vinegars, and oils.
  • Kaslöchl - specialty cheese shop with cheeses from all over Europe.
  • Christmas in Salzburg - huge selection located at Judengasse 10 in the Altstadt.
  • Egg shop - directly across from the Christmas store. Check out their hand painted eggs in the windows... very impressive!
  • Getreidegasse - walk down the small walkways that branch off of this main shopping street as well - there are some small, but sweet shops in the courtyards.

    *my favorite gifts to take home are : Mozartkugeln, Fürst Millennium truffles, or an ornament to bring home and remember your trip.

    Tourist information offices
  • Pick up brochures and other information about Salzburg and surrounding cities. Locations at the Train station (platform 2) and in Mozartplatz.
Public Transport
  • Bus 100 will take you to the Hauptbahnhof (train station)
Best City Views
  • Hohensalzburg Fortress - be aware if you walk, you'll still have to pay to get to the top. I suggest taking Austria's oldest funicular up to the top.
  • Art Museum - my personal favorite. For 3€ you can take the elevator for a beautiful view and check out the museum gift shop for some modern gifts. (M32 Restaurant is located at the top)

Popular things to do in and around Salzburg

  • Take Austria's oldest funicular up to the Fortress
  • Sound of Music bus tour - please note it lasts a long time.
  • If you come with children check out the Natural History Museum
  • Visit the Mirabell gardens
  • Check out a concert
  • St. Peter's church
  • Eat at the Stiftskeller, which is one of the oldest restaurants in Europe - dating back to 803!
  • Salzkammergut - lake district
  • Schloss Hellabrunn - palace with trick fountains on the outskirts of town
If you have a car:


OneEye said...

We are going to Salzburg for a day trip during our Christmas trip. Thanks for a great intro.

Nap said...

Thanks for sharing the tips. I have been to those places in your list and I am glad to discover your blog before we came to Salzburg.

I would like to add a few tips on top of what you have:

Dinner at the restaurant on the ground floor of the Hotel Zur Goldenen Ente (website, address Goldgasse 10, Salzburg, 5020, Austria). They offer traditional Austrian food and they are delicious. Reasonable price and good service.

Buy Salzburg card if planning to travel by yourself. It will save a lot.

Accommodation to recommend is
Haus Arrenberg, Blumensteinstraße 8, 5020 Salzburg Austria (website Good value for money, good service in a quiet and private location.

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