Thursday, June 12, 2008

Austria + the Euro championship

It has been a few months since I have been to Salzburg, but I was anxious to go and see how hyped up Austria is for the soccer games and to buy some champagne truffles. It was nice to go back and even nicer to have one of my best tour groups yet. There were 13 people from all over the world - US, New Zealand, Brazil, Korea, Canada, and Spain.

The train ride to Austria was filled with conversation and I appreciated chatting with an American woman was like an old friend. We had so much in common from the traveling husbands to our midwestern roots. I was so happy to hear she could possibly move here for her husband's job.

From the moment we exited the train, there were many flags flying and people dressed up to support their favorite team. I gave my tour making a few adjustments due to 'fan zones' being set up around the city, but it only added to the excitement and appeal.

I love sharing Salzburg with people, but the soccer and camaraderie is special. There were also a lot of German supporters strolling the streets and joining in on chants and sharing beers with other fans.

During the free time I always tend to roam around and take photos of things that grab my attention as well as stopping at several stores we don't have in Munich. I remembered I didn't have a children's book from Austria and then I ended up buying two. I am a sucker for cute illustrations and especially those of children in wellies (rain boots). When I have children they will probably have multiple pairs because I just adore them.

When we met to head back to the train station one of my tourists came back with his face painted with German flags and his wife had one on her arm. The German pride was running deep.

The train ride home was equally as pleasant. When I arrived back I joined Stefan at his office to watch the Germany vs. Croatia game.

Unfortunately Germany lost.

A nice consolation were the cute Germany inspired gummy bears from Haribo.


Anonymous said...

Ah the gummy bears. Here in Malaysia they are pretty much the only European candy imported. Good thing we like them!

Bluefish said...

How long does it take to travel to Salzburg from Munich? How much doest the ticket costs? Are you a tourist guide?

I know I have a lot of questions:p

Emily said...

taitaiknits -
the gummy candies are something I would miss if I ever move from Germany. It's good to know they can be found the world over.

bluefish -
It takes 2 hours by train to get to Salzburg. It depends on how many people you are traveling with but a ticket ranges from 19€ - 27€ with a regional (slower) train.

I am a tour guide. I ♥ my job. I meet so many interesting people and get paid to travel, which is wonderful. I highly recommend Salzburg - it's a spectacular Baroque city.

Bluefish said...

Thanks. I will go to Austria next time. I want to exlore every part of Munich in August.

JoernandAllison said...

I don't know about you, but it seems like now, the displays of national pride are seeming to come very easily. I don't remember if you were here in'06 for the WM, but the national pride grew as the team bulled though the games. Now, it seems the people slipped rather quickly into displays of national pride. I was shocked to see the tons of flags in a grocery store parking lot today.
Glad that you had such a good experience yesterday in Salzburg. That was a cool story about the lady you met on the train. You will be an invaluable resource to her if she does find herself here!