Monday, June 16, 2008

To do in Amsterdam

There are several things I am really looking forward to doing in Amsterdam - shopping, roaming the streets, taking an insane amount of photos, eating delicious foods, and hopefully visiting a museum or two.

A couple years ago I found a store called Egg Mercantile, which has the most beautiful spoons. I have saved the picture for nearly two years and I am going to be happy to finally make a purchase direct at the store in Amsterdam. I also want to check out the oil cloths for our biergarten at kitsch kitchen.

Another fun addition for our biergarten are the beautiful little lanterns for only 7€ each at &k. I may just have to buy multiple colors. Hopefully I have enough space to bring things back! Pol's potten has beautiful pitchers... I love the red one, which would be great for margaritas.

I'm definitely a prepared traveler, but I am also excited to see what kinds of interesting things we stumble upon. Amsterdam has so many great design shops and I already know I will be in heaven.

Martina said dinner reservations are a must, so she is going to let me know tomorrow where we will be having dinner.

I'd like to try Proef restaurant, which says it's by appointment and not open for dinner. I may have to force Luke + Nan to go to the one in Rotterdam to let me know how it is. It focuses on food design and some plates are even edible! It sounds really interesting. Also the Indonesian rijsttafel (rice table) sounds like a fun dinner that would be a deviation from the norm.

Another thing I look forward to are the confections - especially these that are beautifully handmade. Papabubble candy shop has such a cute name and what looks to be a beautiful shop. I'm looking forward to checking it out. And of course a chocolate shop - Puccini Chocolates. I also must have the stroopwafels and poffertjes. Hopefully we will be doing a lot of walking or if we are brave enough, bike riding. 

Monday I'd like to check out the Noordermarkt at the Jordaanmarkt, which has tons of retro and vintage kitchen accessories. The multi cultural Dappermarkt also looks fascinating. I hope Stefan can stand that because he's not much of a shopper. I'll have to keep him fed with stroofwafels.

The museums I am interested in are the obvious Van Gogh, and also the Tulip museum.

It looks like we will have a long weekend filled with interesting things. I'm really looking forward to getting away.

Let me know your favorite places in Amsterdam - I'm always open to recommendations!


JoernandAllison said...

That is so awesome that you're going to Amsterdam! I can't wait to read all about it and to see your pics. We have never been, and Joern doesn't seem too enthusiastic about going - grrr!
I guess I'll have to live vicariously though you!

Emily said...

I will try to take really good photos and maybe that will entice him! It is definitely a unique place.

Nan said...

I've never even heard of that place! How did you find it? You really put me to shame! Now I'm curious and will have to try it.

Lane said...

I actually do have a favorite boutique in Amsterdam, and it is RIGHT near the museum area, so you'll have to stop in. I'll scrounge of the name and e-mail you.

Please eat some poffertjes on my behalf while you are in Holland. How I miss them so!

Bluefish said...

Have a great trip. I also want to visit Amsterdam in the future.

Emily said...

Nan - I was just looking for unique places in Amsterdam and came across it. It makes me wish we had more time to head your way.

Lane -Thanks so much! And you can bet I will be eating some poffertjes for you. I could always send you one of the little dimpled pans so you can make some.

Bluefish - Thanks for your well wishes! I'll definitely post about my favorite things. I'm so excited!