Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Camera Obscura

While strolling through the myriad of booths and mass humanity at Munich's birthday celebration this weekend, I was struck by a different type of art. The artist had an interactive booth and initially I thought it was more of an instillation - that is until I noticed business cards. I picked one up and figured I would check things out when I got home where I could do so peacefully without people constantly bumping into me.

What I saw was beautiful, affordable, and timeless.

I also saw the artist, Przemek Zajfert, is located in Stuttgart - so I assume he was one of the visiting vendors. The website camera-obscura-art is mainly geared towards places in Germany, however he did have several pieces from his native Poland and also from Italy.

I rarely see things at these festivals that I consider purchasing, however I'm very happy I picked up this business card. Now I just need to decide which images I can't live without.

Isn't the dream like quality just breathtaking?

(images by Przemek Zajfert)


Anonymous said...

Those are fantastic! I'd have a hard time deciding, can't wait to see which one(s) you do get.

Aisling said...

wow, I love the fourth one.......it's dizzying. I love when you just fall in love with something like that AND it's affordable :)

Bluefish said...

I really love those photos. It's so beautiful.

JoernandAllison said...

Ha! Those are beautiful! And, he's here, near me :) Thanks for providing the link, it looks like he'll be getting more business from this post.
I can't believe how affordable these amazing photos are!

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking I want a few prints as well, this would be perfect for our bedroom. The one place that doesn't have any art.

I hope he'll ship to a US address!

Emily said...

I'm glad you all enjoy them as much as I do! I'm sure Allison would be able to help since she's the closest to Stuttgart if for some odd reason he didn't ship to the US address.

Christina, I assume you'd get some from Italy?