Friday, June 20, 2008

Animals around the world

I have always loved learning the animal sounds from other languages. Some of them sound more accurate than their English counterparts, while others sound quite strange to my English tuned hearing.

Today I read about bzzzpeek on Kirtsy. It has the sound effects for various animals, insects, modes of transportation, and virtually anything with an onomatopoeia.

I must say some of the American English even are different from the British English. Also, be sure to follow the arrow for more sounds from other countries.

Have fun previewing all of the international animal sounds!


david santos said...

EURO 2008

DEUTSCHLAND Congtratulations!!!!!!!

Carlos said...

Hi Emily,

We've been back for a few weeks now from our trip to Munich, and we had a wonderful time as usual in Europe. My wife and I stayed in one of her mom's apartments in Schwabing this time, which I’m sure you know is a great area. We spent a lot of time around Munchner Freiheit, on Leopold Strasse, and in the Englischer Garten enjoying the weather, the people, the ice cream, and, of course, the beer.

I guess I'm lucky in having a wife originally from Munich, and a mother-in-law who still lives there, that I can experience Munich more as a local than as a regular American tourist. As soon as we arrive, we get our weekly MVV pass, and can go virtually anywhere in the city on foot, or on the U or S bahn. I started feeling so much like a German, that by the 2nd week I had to go to the Hofbrauhaus one night to mingle with the other American tourists! We didn't make it to Michaelibad bier garten this time, but we did get to Cosmo grill per your suggestion, and the burgers were great.

I love your pictures of Salzburg, and unfortunately we didn't make it there this time, although we have on at least 3 prior trips. We did take the train to Prague, and that was a very interesting trip. The city reminds me a little of Salzburg, but obviously on a much bigger scale. The Prague castle was up on a hill, overlooking the city and the Vltava river, just like Festung castle in Salzburg. Besides that side trip, we flew to Rome for a few days and saw all the sites there, which were amazing. St. Peter's Basilica, and the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel were especially amazing. All in all, we had a great trip, and I can't wait to get back.

Greetings from Texas, and best of luck to you!


Lane said...

I love this! Being married to an onomatopoeia makes me partial to them! :)

JoernandAllison said...

I really enjoy this at school, with all the little ones from all over the world, and all their different words for animal sounds. Thanks for posting this!

Emily said...

David - Thanks for the Congratulations! We're still cheering the team on and hoping for the best. The Portugal game was great.

Carlos - I've been thinking about you and hoping you got the best of the weather. It's good to hear you had such a nice time. Schwabing is definitely a great place to be based. You sound like you got to travel a lot, which is very nice. I've not been to Prague or Rome yet!

Lane - I should have dedicated this post to you - finding someone with an onomatopoeia name definitely denotes a special guy.

Allison - I'm so envious of all your little cute ones. You can have a lot of fun practicing new sounds with them.