Monday, June 9, 2008

Another excuse for soccer

The Europameisterschaft began this weekend, although we weren't entirely able to get excited for various reasons. Last summer there were ads around Vienna for the games and it's crazy how fast the time has passed. 

Last night Stefan suited up in his jersey, hung a German flag, popped open a beer, and then asked me for a little bit more enthusiasm. One thing I love about the games is that Stefan and his father always bond over them. As soon as it's half time they call one another and debate who played well and how ridiculous missed plays were. 

It's also very nice to see the patriotism return. As we were driving the autobahn many people had flags flying from their cars. 

I'd really like to have a cookout tonight. The next couple of weeks will be filled with soccer and a uniting patriotic buzz that hums in the streets which I haven't seen since the World Cup. 

I'm going to tentatively be in Austria on Thursday so I will be interested to see if there's as much excitement there. As a side note, if you are traveling to Austria from inter continental Europe bring your passport - I hear they are trying to keep the hooligans out with that. 


Bluefish said...

I've browsed through your older posts and noticed you've traveled to many countries. You're so lucky!

Emily said...

Thanks! We make traveling a priority which has really enabled us to see a lot of the world. The hard part is that it only makes you want to travel more.