Sunday, June 15, 2008

Munich's 850th Birthday

Today we ventured out to celebrate Munich's 850th birthday. I was amazed to see how many people had also come to celebrate. As soon as we arrived on Max straße we were greeted by people in traditional clothing that were parading down the street. The city center was even more congested.

The Marienplatz celebration had singing school children, crowds, and an enormous cake. We got tired of being herded around through the sea of people so we didn't stick around to try the cake.

Along the streets there were various stalls selling assorted handicrafts and art work. I was slightly disappointed to see more wasn't geared towards Munich. The nice difference from normal Munich festivals was that vendors and city representatives from all over Germany had come to sell things and to congratulate the city. It was nice to see some variety. The trades people were also dressed in their traditional archaic uniforms which were interesting to see.

We decided that we would have lunch in town - unfortunately many of our favorite restaurants were closed today. We got a sandwich at the Kunstcafe in Fünf Höfe, which I always love. I think the Fünf Höfe compliments the city so nicely and is beautifully designed.

If you are interested in Munich 850 souvenirs, they can be found here. I am hoping to find a decent glass stein similar to the other ones we have for our biergarten. The festivities will continue through the summer, although I don't think many people need another excuse to have a beer and offer up a 'Prost' to this great city.

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag München!

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