Thursday, June 5, 2008


Orikane is the art of dollar bill folding, similar to Origami or as some say 'Moneygami'. When we were married we received many cash gifts. I think this may be more customary in Germany and also due to the fact I was moving. The money was not simply placed in an envelope - it was presented. We received a 'cactus', which was a cucumber with money sticking out in every direction, a 'shirt' that said they'd give us the shirt off their back, 'butterflies' with homemade jams, and many organaza bags filled with notes. They were all very unique and memorable. 

I was looking for creative ways to give money with an orchid and art work when I came across the Dollar Artist

I remember folding notes in school and making them into hearts or one that you could pull a tab to open. I'd wanted to do something sweet and romantic to fit the wedding theme, but then something like the elephant looks so precious. Last we heard they were considering a trip to India for their honeymoon, so I thought we could write something about using the money towards elephant food and I'd make an Orikane elephant. 

Not so simple...

These sites look wonderful, however I didn't have much patience with tiny folds - and the fact that Euros aren't the same size as US dollars, so I resorted to the old stand by - hearts. I think it turned out nicely. 

I'm already looking forward to seeing what a Bavarian wedding is all about and to welcome Steffi to the family.


Bluefish said...

The orchid's very cute. I always wanted one. I like to make hearts sometimes too.

Caitlin said...

That looks awesome!! I'm so impressed.

Emily said...

Thanks! Here's to hoping they don't over water it like Stefan always does to ours.