Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Moving on

It looks like Stefan and I will soon begin the search for a more grown up apartment. I already have the letterpress 'we've moved' cards ready... now is the task of finding the perfect place, or at least perfect for now place.

I think back to being unsure of just where we would live and how I was delighted to see an urban apartment in Berlin that was in an old chocolate factory... unfortunately we were never able to call that home. I'm surprised we've been in this apartment for so long!

I love our location in Munich - we are close to the S-Bahn and U-Bahn and quite central. While deep down I covet some kind of hip pre-fab style or renovated home, with loads of space for letterpress printing or doing creative things, I am certain we will be doing the apartment thing for some time.

We really love living in the city, whether it is Munich or elsewhere. I think that's been a crucial aspect for me to enjoy living in Germany and being able to feel comfortable navigating the city and having more options for things to do. It definitely helps to be independent and not feel obligated to drive on the autobahn.

Decorating is something that excites me. I'm not certain that we'll be able to do tons of painting since Germans prefer white walls and we'll be renting, but I'm sure that I'll be able to find creative ways to add color.

Ideally we'd like an apartment that is modern, or an 'alt bau' (old building) with an elevator and loads of light. I've been collecting photos of things that I'd love to have at some point in my life. Dwell has tons of drool worthy images. My favorite is the house above in Brooklyn. And this one in Dayton, Ohio.

Moving is an interesting process in Germany. You don't simply find a place that you like and tell the realtor to take it off the market. I've heard horror stories of people saying things like 'I'm not certain if our furniture will fit' or 'I wish the living room was a tad bigger' and then they have disqualified themselves. This is a serious process. I'm hoping since we want something just slightly bigger than what we now have that there will be more options.

So this summer we'll be packing up and finding a new place to call home - how exciting and daunting. I remember helping our friends Dirk + Constanze move into their four storey walkup last year. I'd prefer to not repeat that nightmare. I'll try to focus on the positive aspects during this new chapter of our lives and all of the decorating possibilites.

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JoernandAllison said...

How exciting for you and Stefan! I totally understand the outgrowing the apartment thing. I wish you guys the best of luck in finding the perfect place! Let me know how the apartment hunt goes. enjoy perusing through all the wonderful choices out there, and learning all the German apartment lingo (unless like me, you learned that qickly!)