Monday, March 3, 2008

Sending balls to Karonga, Malawi

A friend of mine has been working in Malawi for quite some time. I asked her what I could send to help out and she said they needed soccer balls, volleyballs, and mustard. She said obtaining mustard there is quite difficult.

I am so excited because we went shopping and bought tons of balls and I am certain we looked comical as we were trying to carry them through the store. It brings me so much joy to know how much they will be enjoyed and provide some recreational fun for community. It's especially nice to know someone and be able to send things direct and know when they are received, as opposed to donating money somewhere and hoping it trickles down to the cause. I'm a firm believer in doing small things or what you can to bring happiness to others. It's amazing how much doing for others brings joy not only to the recipient but also the giver. It's powerful stuff. I wish I was able to do more volunteering myself, but it's really not so simple in Germany. The only thing I'm aware I can do is visit Americans that are in jail in Munich. While that may be a kind thing to do, I am not certain that's the crowd I need to get involved with.

If anyone has any ideas for me I'd love to hear them!


Caitlin said...

That's so great that you did that!

I have been trying to pack care packages for British soldiers in the Middle East. I always did this growing up for American soldiers but I've been told the British soldiers hardly get any care packages. So I felt like I could do what I could to brighten someone's day over there. Anyway, it's harder than I thought due to mail regulations which is sad since they make such an effort in the US to making it easy to send things to the troops. But I'm still trying.

Jen said...

Hi Emily,

I am a friend of Brock and Manuel's, and found your blog through them. I love it! I've been checking in often, and have really enjoyed your perspective on the world. In a funny way, I feel like I know you. You know, in that stalker sort of way!! Thank you for sharing and keeping me entertained.

I came across this video about Berlin Graffiti, and I wanted to share it with you, thinking that you may enjoy it. NY Times "Graffiti in Berlin"

Enjoy the rest of your trip here in the states, and give my best to Brock and Manuel when you next see them!!

Emily said...

Caitlin - what a great idea! It definitely seems a bit more difficult to do nice things than it should. Sadly, I forgot how much I love doing things like this because it's unfortunately not much of an option.

Jen - I'm happy that you're enjoying my blog! I never really know who's reading it, but it's a nice record of life and a good place to tie my pictures to stories. I'm glad others find it entertaining.

Perhaps I'll meet you in Munich if you visit.
I really enjoyed the Graffiti video and made a post about it. Thanks!!

I can't wait to hear what all has changed in the lives of Brock + Manuel when I get back. They have so much going on. I wish they'd update their blog more often!

Thanks again!