Thursday, March 13, 2008


It's been such a great time having my parents around that I am really going to be sad to let them go. Last night we went to Ganesha... which I'm sure anyone who regularly reads this blog is tired of hearing about. I saw my old Indian pals, including the one who had hopes of going to the US. He told me he'd be staying in Germany because his paper work didn't go through. I really wish there is something I could do to help him. One of the other workers asked if the couple joining us for dinner were my parents. They knew I had to share the love.

After dinner and sending my parents off at their hotel, Stefan and I went to bed and I simply cried my eyes out over nothing and everything. Being able to spend time with people I care about has become a privilege. It's been nice for my parents to see me function in my life here, but it's also been nice for me to see them out of their element. I'm a firm believer that traveling brings a lot out of people and my parents are no different. I love seeing a facet of them that makes me only appreciate them more.

It's difficult never being able to do things to show them how much I appreciate them. Sure, chocolates as sweet as they are and flowers are as beautiful, but the kindness they have shown me always warms my heart and makes me feel gratitude. A gratitude that feels like a continual debt. Not because my parents ever ask anything of me, besides to make myself happy, but because I like giving and want to reciprocate.

One of the hardest things in living abroad is always feeling bitter sweet about seeing someone and leaving someone else behind. My parents are quite young, but I already fear the time when they are aging and Stefan's parents are aging and the pull in different directions. I always try to see the bright side of things and I am really happy that I can be so aware of how important time is with people that I care about. That is something that I've been taught through absence making the heart grow fonder.

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Caitlin said...

Aww, I have definitely felt the same. It is really hard and I have no advice because I continue to deal with these feelings...

I'm glad you're enjoying your parents' visit.