Friday, January 18, 2008

Book making

Ever since I was small, I loved books. I also loved giving gifts, so naturally I would 'bind' my own books by folding paper, along with a construction paper cover - decorated by yours truly with a delightful illustration. Who could ask for a better gift? - even if the paper's weren't even folded symmetrical and were bound with staples. My books sure beat Stefan's paper spice rack, which he gave his mom one year for Christmas, but that's another story.

In college I learned how to really bind my own books, which were a little bit of a glorified version of the aforementioned. They were hard back and the pages were no longer held together with staples, but sewed with wax coated thread. Sure there was craftsmanship involved, but filling them was always the issue.

Look no further... I have progressed. My new books are really bound and resemble a book you would purchase at a store. Sure they are sent away for someone else to make, but the contents are mine. I really make them for my own entertainment.

However, I was delighted when I made my mother in law a calendar, and she and my father in law swooned over how it could be sold in stores and how beautiful it is. I made it in a similar style to my first book (layout pictured below), featuring travel photos that I digitally edit to make, you guessed it, more colorful versions of the originals.

And here is more detail, featuring photos of Munich and Barcelona from the world travels book.

I have since completed that book and I'm currently working on a beautiful children's book about languages. I need to do a little bit more research (aka traveling) before that will be completed. I will save the surprise and images until then, but let me tell you - it's exciting!

Munich is second to New York City for publishing, from what I hear. So who knows... you might just see some of my fine works of art at a book store near you sometime in the future!

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CraftyRachel said...

What an excellent idea! I love how the photos are magically transformed into "paintings." Very cool.