Monday, January 14, 2008


I have always adored maps, probably due to my father. He's always had quite a collection, and during any road trip I never had to ask, he'd have one prepared for my journey.

Of course artistic renditions are greatly appreciated, as I previously wrote about here. But even stark information only style maps are still such a delight. I'm fascinated by the combination of the journey into the unknown, the adventure that awaits, and how simple lines and depictions never can contain all of the details along the way. A map is just exciting, for all it is and all it has stored within.

I was delighted to see REYKJAVIK 64°08N 21°54W, a book by Ami Sioux, with images via Lost. Sioux asked fifty residents of Reykjavik to draw a map to a location that they appreciated, then she used the map to photograph what she found. The premise is simple, but the results are undoubtedly like little secrets combining three of my favorite things : travel, maps, and photography. I love anything where the process is part of the art, and where people work collaboratively for a greater good. I also appreciate the dichotomy of precision, in the coordinates, with the rough and less scientific drawings by random residents.

According to the website , several more are in the works:
BERLIN 52°32N 13°24E,
PARIS 48°50N 2°23E,
LONDON 51°31N 0°04 W,
NEW YORK 40°43N 73°59W;

This is definitely a collection that I could see myself enjoying. And great inspiration for me to create some maps of my own. This would also go nicely with the Sony GPS photo locator. It reminds me of your very own google earth. You synchronize your camera with the GPS locator and then when uploaded, your photos appear on a map, dependent on the coordinates of where the photos were taken. I love the idea, but I'm not sure about having a geo locator on me at all times.

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