Friday, January 4, 2008


We made it to Brussels, early this morning. As soon as we bought tickets for the train and subways we noticed how inexpensive things are in comparison to Scandinavia (48 euros for tickets into the city and back vs. 12 euros!). I also first smelled something that reminded me of baby powder and then urine. Interesting.

Then we went to catch the 'tram' - it felt like we were in the subway, but then this tiny tram thing came and took us into day light. We figured out we were going the wrong way because the subway maps ended at one place, however the tram kept going. Once we got off there was a man peeing on a bush. Also kind of strange.

We got our bearings and were able to get settled in our cute hotel, called Bloom, (right next to the botanical gardens), we knew things were going to be OK.

We stopped for some drinks and a quick lunch at the mini grocery across the street. Stefan was excited to see Canada Dry Ginger ale - in a can! He said it reminded him of my parent's house and the US. We walked into town and stopped for chocolates at 'Mary Chocolatier' on the way. At every turn there was something beautiful and exciting. The Cathedral of St. Michael was enormous and ornate. The architecture was an interesting mix of modern and old. I loved to stumble upon things and constantly be surprised.

The typical tourist sites were great - The Grand Place, Manneken-Pis, The Royal Palace, and Atomium, which twinkles like the Eiffel Tower. Just wondering around town was fun. We even stopped for the essentials... a divine waffle, covered with chocolate and strawberries, and some unique beers - a chocolate beer, a peach beer, and something of a surprise with a beautiful little pink elephant on it. I have a feeling we'll be sampling some of the other strange flavors while we are here.

Dinner was also terrific. We went to Bazaar, a restaurant that I had read about. We each got a 'menu' which was 3 courses, (mine was tomato + ricotta salad, coconut curry chicken, and a chocolate bombe dessert, with a glass of cava). I would definitely recommend this place. It's very unassuming and the interior is beautiful. The food is really simple, fresh, and delicious.


Tonight we will be celebrating with our chocolate beer. I'm doubting we are able to drink much more after such a long day of walking around town. Brussels is a fantastic city.

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