Friday, January 18, 2008


I love Indian food. I really could eat it daily and I don't think I would get tired of it. Fortunately, there is an amazing restaurant in our neighborhood - called Ganesha.

I adore this place, not only for their delicious food, but because the workers are so kind. They always give me a warm mug of chai tea, while I am waiting for my order and chat with me. Or today he said ' scotch?' Did I really look like I was having that rough of a day?

They also tell me how much they have missed me (in English) when it's been a while since I have been in. It's really a nice feeling to be missed - and by a place that's so dear to me. Plus, it's nice to get a dose of English now and then. I always sit there in admiration when I hear them speak English, German, and their native Indian dialect. I'm not certain what part of India they are from, but they make me want to travel to India even more. The people I encounter from there always seem so generous and kind - and I love all of the colors, motifs, and clothes that are distinctly Indian.

It's funny because I think I am quite mysterious to them. They have asked if I worked at the consulate or what I am doing here, or if I live near by. One of the workers made me laugh because he told me he wanted to move to America (after checking if I did work at the consulate). I asked where and he thought about it before saying 'New Jersey'. Which I obviously followed up with asking if he had ever been to the US (who picks New Jersey?!). He responded, 'No'. Fair enough. Another worker told me it was his dream to move to the US, but his wife wanted to move to Russia!

When I went in today, the man wanting to go to New Jersey said he was still waiting on papers with the consulate. As selfish as it is of me, I will be sad if he does go to America. This is the problem with living in a foreign country... suddenly the random people I interact with become a piece of my world.

There have been some weeks where I will go in multiple times. Especially if Stefan was on business and didn't want to be bothered with cooking. Or like today, when I went to the doctor's on my own, and she said I had good German. I had to celebrate somehow, so I go to visit my familiar restaurant with delicious food.

I have tried other Indian restaurants in town after friends rave about them, but I am still partial to Ganesha. The food is better, the workers are fantastic, and it's in my neighborhood. If we end up moving later in the year I hope we're not too far, but even so, I know I'd make the trip - not just for the food, but for my favorite restaurant workers.

Sorry about the photos... I know Indian food doesn't look appetizing in the least, but I know photos are always helpful and I don't have a photo of Ganesha.

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