Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Luck in Germany

Brock + Manel invited me to go to Nürnberg tomorrow, to enjoy the small Bavarian city that is well known for their lebküchen (christmas cookies). Surprisingly I have not been, especially with history that I find so appealing - it was on an old Roman trade route and home to the master print maker, Albrecht Dürer.

It seems many German cities have a legend to go with something you touch. In Munich it is the four lions by the Residenz, however you are only to touch three for luck, touching all four is greedy.

In Frankfurt there was a feng shui Chinese garden created in memory of the victims of the Tiananmen Square massacre. Guarding this park are two lions and it is said to bring luck if you spin the ball in their mouth. This was one of my favorite places to spend my days when we lived there.

Nürnberg appears to be no different. They have a ring in the Schönebrunnen. Their legend says the daughter of a nobel man fell in love with a blacksmith, who her father didn't approve of. In order to prove his love and skill he created this seamless brass ring in the middle of a monument in the Market Square. The nobel man had a change of heart and the blacksmith and his love were able to be together. They say that if you turn the seamless ring 3 times with your love, you'll have a love that endures the test of time.

Hopefully I will be up for that and see what kinds of trouble we can get into. I'd also like to check out the rock cut caves that beer was made and stored in. If it's anything like the chalk caves where they make champagne in Reims, it will be really fascinating!

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