Thursday, January 31, 2008

die Katze kamera

I don't know what is about Germans and their pets.

I saw this interesting take on photography by severals Germans. One is Mr. Lee, who uses his cat to create art works. He also sells cat cams and has a concept for a live camera on his site, as well as photos by other cat cam users.

Mr. Lee is quite the comedian too... he says, 'Either this is a Drag-Queen-Cat or also dog owners are interested in their dogs life ...' (photo courtesy of Mr. Lee)

There is also a woman named Ramona Markstein... and her cat Fritz (as seen above). Her cat wears a camera that takes photos every 15 seconds, which she then uploads for an intriguing look at a cat's daily life. The results are quite captivating.

You can see more about Fritz, including a video, by clicking here.

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