Sunday, January 27, 2008


It looks like we will soon be taking a trip to Majorca (or Mallorca) depending on where you live. I know not too many Americans are familiar with this island, but may have heard of it's neighbor Ibiza. It's in the Mediterranean off the east coast of Spain and our friend Catherine is working in Palma, which is a fantastic reason to visit.

I was so happy when she called this week, because it's nice to have someone that's only one time zone over, so we are able to talk to each other without strategic planning, waking up early or staying up late. I also appreciate having someone to talk to that is also getting accustomed to another language and culture.

Majorca gets a bad wrap as a party island. There are areas Stefan tells me that are very German and 'bad news, worse than Daytona, and people drink out of buckets'. I guess you find what you are looking for. I am more interested in the architecture and beaches. It's going to be so nice to hang out with Catherine again.

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