Wednesday, January 2, 2008


It has been nearly one year since we went on our trip to the Maldives and I am still thinking about what a wonderful place it was. The view as we flew in with our water plane, lounging at our bungalow, snorkeling, stalking bright colored hermits, watching for black tipped reef sharks, and simply spending time with Stefan. Every striking detail is burned into my mind.

I don't know if I will ever see water so clear again in my life (until of course, we go back). We saw so many beautiful fish (my favorite was still the Picasso Trigger Fish). We had lizards in our bathroom, geckos on the ceilings, and a beautiful heron that favored visiting during sunsets. I loved watching the shore line and seeing the constant movement and the tiny hermits battling for a new shell to move into. There were black tipped reef sharks always at our stair way, that went into the ocean. Life just seems to flourish there.

All of the vibrant colors made me so happy... and continue to (I'm pretty easy to please).

We were very specific about the details we wanted on our island and I am quite pleased that Veligandu fit our dreams. It was among the smaller islands, with no bug problems, no animation or constant activities, and a lot of time for Stefan and I to simply be a couple. We did enjoy going on a snorkeling safari, as well as a day on a deserted island, which was pretty spectacular. The food was always different, although fish was pretty standard. We even loved the mango chutney so much we brought several jars home with us.

I think I am the type of person that always is thinking deeper about things, which probably gets annoying. Suddenly for me, our trip turned into other environmental and economic dilemmas. I hated feel like I was creating waste, which these islands have no way to get rid of other than burning.

Despite all my struggles, it did burn itself into my heart. The Maldives are enchanting, mesmerizing, and very much unforgettable. What a blessing to spend such a wonderful trip with someone I love so dearly. It's just another reason that I love to travel - it awakens my senses and really makes me appreciate living in the moment. Our time in the Maldives was filled with the most precious moments that I will remember for the rest of my life.

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