Sunday, January 6, 2008

Senator's Lounge

We are currently sitting in the Lufthansa Senator's Lounge in Brussels. It's always fascinating the kinds of characters we see here. And it never fails that we are the youngest couple.

The reason we get this privilege is because Stefan flew over 100,000 miles last year, and he is now a 'Senator' for two years. Most of the travelers are here for business. We come waltzing in with our backpacks and look somewhat out of place. It's funny to see the reactions of the women who check our tickets and card. They always eyeball us, probably in disbelief we are requesting entry. I find some kind of solstice seeing other wives there, who I assume are with their frequent traveling husbands... even if they are 40+.

I also love comparing the selection of foods and drinks. There is a self service bar, that is typically fully stocked. Munich has a great lounge, Stockholm also has a nice one. Brussels has a small selection. There are English newspapers, often British ones, which have random British gossip, that I don't understand. Regardless it's nice to be able to read the news.

The bathrooms are also greatly appreciated. They are always clean, and I figure with less people using them, there are less germs.

And so we sit here for a couple of hours. Fortunately it is quiet and there is internet so I can bide my time.

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