Tuesday, January 22, 2008


This may come a bit early, but I was just realizing that Stefan and I won't be together for Valentine's Day this year, since I am traveling to the US before him. We don't necessarily need a designated day to remember each other or celebrate our love, but I'm more than willing to have another excuse to do so.

We'll be together for our year and a half anniversary though, which proves how quickly time flies... and without sounding too smarmy, how our love continues to grow. I simply look at Stefan and wonder how I could be so fortunate. It's amazing what he puts up with and loves me for, as well as the small things he does to remind me. He also reminds me how grateful he is for the sacrifices I make for him and for us. I don't think I deserve so much credit though. The happiness of life together is rather cyclical - we want one another to be happy, which in turn makes ourselves happy. It sounds rather selfish but it's really a beautiful thing.

Simply being together is a blessing. If there is anything a long distance relationship can teach someone -besides patience of course, it is how to be more conscientious and aware. Having an ocean between us for two years really made us articulate our feelings, trust in our relationship, and appreciate each other more than we ever knew possible. Granted, we did have a year together and many visits in between, but it really has added to our relationship... and prepared us for his 80+ hour work weeks.

So here's to Stefan's wittiness in a second language, his compassion and kindness, his funny voices that he does for me, and the endearing ways he expresses his love and emotions- from locking the door to make sure I'm safe when he leaves for work, to leaving notes, emails, and phone calls to say he misses me. I am one fortunate girl - and I know it.

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