Thursday, November 29, 2007

Art Appreciation

As an Art History major it is obvious if I state that I love art. I love the theory, I love the production, I love the gallery openings... all of it is very exciting. Slowly I am becoming more of a patron and purchaser. My first piece is aptly titled 'Portrait of Emily' by Joe Sorren.

My next piece if the exchange rate continues to work in my favor - or if I fall into some cash, will be Corrina. It is simple to merely think something is beautiful, however Corrina moves me. I would love to see her each day sitting in my home. I love her youthful innocence, her fresh from the ocean appearance, and her elegant features. Once again I think Joe Sorren has mastered becoming a contemporary great. Think about it... many artists have to die before they are recognized for their life works, yet here is an artist that people already realize is phenomenal. (Never mind the access people have thanks to the internet).

Living in Europe sometimes seems so contradictory. On the one hand I would really love to go back to Grad school and continue my studies in Art History, while if I am honest with myself I don't really need to do that right now.

Simply living here and being surrounded by stunning architecture, world class museums, and access to design centers is exciting. I am already anxious for our Scandinavian adventure to design capitols. I truly believe that life should be aesthetically pleasing. I feel so happy when I am surrounded by beautiful things. I think it's an intrinsic quality that people innately long for. Maybe that's just my bias coming through. That being said doesn't mean that I think art has to be beautiful. I also love gritty things that pose questions to the viewer and comment on the world according to the artists view.

While I really appreciate modern things, I also see so much beauty in design that is meant to last. I love walking down my street and seeing buildings with character and bright color. There are intricate doors and a unique meld of Bauhaus and Gothic architecture right outside my door. That alone is really phenomenal for me to think about.

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Kristi said...

Thanks so much for your post about Joe's work. FYI, he has just put his prints at 30% off for the holidays!

Kristi, Studio Manager
Joe Sorren Studios