Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thanksgiving around the corner

It is still one of the stranger holidays to celebrate internationally. Probably because it's always on a Thursday and the world seems to keep moving here. I have seen some cranberries at the grocery and thought about making some kind of cranberry dessert. It won't compare to Dorothy Lane Market's orange cranberry mix, but it would be something!

We are going to visit Stefan's parents this weekend and I thought of doing some kind of makeshift thing. I'd probably do a modern take on Thanksgiving, but I know how Germans don't really bring things (even though I ALWAYS bring something when we visit). Maybe if I am ambitious I will make pumpkin cookies tomorrow.

It's funny how the largest part of Thanksgiving (minus being with family of course) is the Turkey, but that is not my priority. I'd rather the whipped potatos and pumpkin dishes. Last year we went to the Perkins' house and since I haven't been very active with the International Women's club we're not going to go this year. She even had trouble finding a place that had a whole bird (you have to visit a special man at Viktualienmarkt) -- and then she had the problem of trying to fit it into her oven, because the ovens are substantially smaller. And don't forget the refrigerators are also smaller, so you make food and don't know where to put it.

It doesn't make sense for me to cook things up when it's just Stefan and I. Last year Stefan told his office it was an 'important American holiday' and he needed to leave early, which was sweet of him. It makes me think about celebrating makeshift 4th of July with our cookout. The humor in all of it makes the holidays great.

I am really thinking that we will probably end up making reservations at a restaurant here called 'The Big Easy'. They try to be New Orleans like, which is even funnier - and they will have live Jazz. It almost makes me have to go because I love to see the German take on thing... such as that Mexican restaurant we went to that had (no joke) marinara sauce for chips as opposed to salsa. I could have taught them a thing or two... how hard is it to make salsa from scratch?! Needless to say we drank many maragaritas that night as we laughed about that.

Isn't the best part of the menu the 'you like' in the top right hand corner? English is widely spoken here... it sounds like something you would hear from a ramshakle shop in Tijuana.

I'm not sure what funny aspects will be this year... I guess spending nearly $100 on Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant ranks up there in ridiculousness, but I'm sure we will have a lot of fun. My other favorite is the 'Amerikanish Salate' - I don't quite know what the difference is with an American salad. I guess we don't pour tons of oil and balsamic on it, and put corn and random things in. We have an English speakers message board where people can share information about anything and everything. I could not stop laughing at one man asking where to get 'an entire Turkey dinner for take-away' - in America you can definitely get Thanksgiving catered and it's not a big deal. Finding the same thing here or even thinking you could is hysterical.

One thing is for sure - we are going to have a snowy winter, because it just keeps coming. That is unless the föhn (warm Alpin air) comes through to warm things up again for a while.

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