Monday, November 12, 2007


Spending 6 weeks in the US is a blessing that I am unsure that I will get to experience again in the near future. I could tell my family was doing all they could to make me happy and give me those simple pleasures of home, like my mom's oatmeal cookies. I couldn't have asked for a better time.

Meem and I had a great road trip up to Detroit, Frankenmuth, Bellevue, Ruggles, Ashland and Mansfield. We met up with Stefan and his coworkers, Emily + her new baby Claire, and Ryan. I was also able to do a little christmas shopping.

Target and Jcrew appreciated that I was back I am sure... as did my family.

We had a lot of fun taking Mieka on daily walks and periodically sprinting with her. I was curious what she would think of randomly running, but she loved it. It was nice to have a dog around again... even if she is slightly neurotic. I also loved being able to photograph her nonstop. Being home is one of the few places I actually take less photos. Except of course for poor Mieka. I know she would love to run like the dogs do at the Englisch Garten. I wish the US was more dog friendly, although I did see the Jeffersonville outlet mall now allows dogs. I'm looking forward to seeing Mieka and the rest of my family again in just a few months. I think the time will pass quite quickly.

Amy and I (and hopefully Stefan too) have a trip planned for Boston / Maine. I always loved the North East and I would love to go back to Stefan and my first trip together and to take Amy to the NE.

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