Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Decisions ... decisions

I wouldn't think that figuring out a place to go for the holidays would be so complicated, yet it seems to be. We have a fair amount of time (roughly a week), so I want to go somewhere that isn't simply a weekend trip.

Stefan and I are deciding between Iceland, Scandinavia (some combination of Stockholm, Copenhagen, Helsiniki, or Swedish Lapland), or Madrid and Morocco.

I would like to go to all of the places, and since we have a slightly more extended amount of time it is complicating matters. We can't go too far, or we will end up sitting in airports and waiting on layovers. Plus, with New Years being included in our travel plans many hotels are substatially more expensive and booked. I feel like I've researched every possible outcome and concentrated on the arctic circle darkness, the temperatures, and I am still not getting anywhere.

It's already in the plans for a trip to Athens + Santorini around Easter, but we need to make that happen, because the best hotels book so early, and Easter is in March this year.

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