Monday, April 14, 2008

New York Times does Munich

According to the New York Times yesterday, Munich is 'Germany's Hot Spot of the Minute'.

I found it funny that they open talking about Zerwirk, a vegan restaurant - considering Bavaria loves it's meat. It also happens to be on my list of favorite things in Munich.

However I must comment once again, that the food there is quite delicious. We celebrated New Years Eve 2007 there. It's the kind of place that you might feel slightly strange walking into if you are wearing leather shoes and not wanting to offend those that live the Vegan lifestyle, however I wasn't openly looked down upon for wearing my leather shoes.

It has a homey feel complete with a little dog scampering around and is cosy with clean lines and bright open rooms. Yes, I do realize that I wrote about the dog before, but I never get tired of seeing dogs in places where my American upbringing tells me they should be 'verboten'.

The photo above is of dessert, which was a marzipan ice with pistachio cream and kumquats. Don't ask me how they make a cream without using dairy products.

It's ironic that the restaurant is in the building of an old butcher. As of the first of February the restaurant has changed slightly by now also including raw foods and adding the 'Saf' moniker. It looks like Stefan and I will have to visit again sometime soon... especially with their new Thai curry, which sounds amazing.

We also need to check out the Anish Kapoor's (of Chicago's Cloud Gate fame) instillation at the Haus der Kunst.

Sounds like a great date night this weekend!

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