Tuesday, April 8, 2008

München Munich

Since I am evidently not the only one that adores M. Sasek's children's books, I wanted to share this information.

I was under the impression my mother had found the 'This is Munich' book, when she had found a book titled 'München Munich'. I can't imagine the books are different with the exception of this version being bilingual, which I love.

The illustrations are beautiful, as always, and I love the witty comments like this one in reference to the the Oktoberfest:

"When the 'Gaudi' is over there's always a herzl (gingerbread heart) or a maxi-Brezel (large pretzel) for a souvenier - and a headache."

Although many a Münchener will dispute the notion that their beer gives headaches, even after a day at the Wies'n (an affectionate name for the Oktoberfest that takes place at Theresenwise), you should be reminded that beer is considered food here. And they still maintain their strict purity laws.

Regardless, the humor and illustrations are terrific.

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JoernandAllison said...

Ahh, das deutsches Reinheitsgebot, making great beer even better :)
I love the idea that your book is bilingual. Alas, he chose Munich as his love, instead of Stuttgart.
I still want those books!!!