Saturday, April 5, 2008


Uli and Verena are heading to Australia for 9 weeks, and Verena's schachtelfest was the last time that we were going to see them before they leave for their trip.

I was amazed when we arrived to what I thought would be a rather intimate gathering. Instead it was Verena and her friend Melanie with nearly 100 friends and family celebrating. Verena's Dad and his band provided entertainment and everyone enjoyed crazy amounts of food - not to mention the drinks, and my favorite - desserts.

I secretly hoped that Uli would have wrapped a ring and proposed, although I knew it wouldn't happen. People don't get married for ages in Germany.

Stefan and I are always met with astonished faces when we tell them we are married, like the lady when I was buying my dirndl. Just moments after she was telling me how to get gravity defying cleavage she went on to tell me how to tie my apron. The way you tie it designates your availability: 'On the right if you are married, on the left if you are single, in the middle if you are a virgin, and in the back if you are the waitress'. Then she said, 'So we'll tie yours on the left.' To which Stefan stepped in and said 'actually we're married'. I loved it.

Back to schachtelfest... our box was one of the last to be opened and I had to laugh because I decided to wrap many boxes of 'nerds' the American children's candy. I wasn't entirely cruel since they were euros randomly taped to them. Needless to say they had a great time opening tham and reading the messages I had written on each box.

The night was a success and everyone had a great time, although I must say I am not envious to the load of junk they received and now have to figure out how to dispose of. Someone even gave them an American flag - unbelievable!

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JoernandAllison said...

It looks like a fun night! What a big crowd. They enjoy leaving people with messes here, like Polterabend. Funny that you made the comment about Germans taking forever to get married, I always say that to Joern.