Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Trial + error cooking

I figured seeing the final product of my first German recipe would be appreciated.

Let's just say the Caipirinha torte looks better than it tastes, even despite the fact piping it into the cups wasn't a success either. You can take the girl out of America, but you can't take away her love for American style baked goods or her desire to recreate them. My first tip off should have been that I was creating a torte with yogurt, low fat cream cheese... and alcohol. I don't think dairy and alcohol mixing (with the exception of Bailey's or Kahlúa) is ever a good idea.

Even tried and true recipes here are just slightly off, which sometimes forces me to be adventurous. I have to remind myself the water's different, the flour is even different, not to mention using the metric system is another issue. I still recall my mother in law's astonishment that I measured things in ounces, which was something her mother did and seemed so archaic to her. Cooking is entirely a new process here, but I appreciate the challenge.

On the bright side I appreciate that it's made me learn to do things from scratch and discover some great kitchen gadgets, like my digital scale that changes between grams and ounces. (Notice it's helped me find things to make cooking easier, but doesn't guarantee success).

It also encourages me to try random things in hopes that after so many trial and errors I'll happen upon something that makes it's way into the permanent book. I have to admit I still get excited when trying a new recipe, unfortunately few meet my standards to make it into the book.

Which just reminded me of a great gift idea for the person that has everything. It's called Taste Book. You can create a personal and professional looking cook book, which can be edited and added to at any time.

And my favorite... you can add your own photos. While you don't have to use all of your credits for pages at one time, I am still holding out for a few more happy accidents, and for my Grandma to share some of her secret family recipes before I begin creating one myself.

Until then I'll be happy that I have a husband that appreciates any kind of food I make.

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Caitlin said...

Interesting tip about the Taste Book!!! Too bad these cupcakes didn't turn out well...they look good!