Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mysterious date

Stefan called me from work today and said to meet at the Starbucks near the Opera house, where he would then take me to our dinner reservations at 7:30pm. I wasn't sure if I should be more surprised that he was taking me on a random date, or by the fact that he was going to be off work around 7pm.

It turns out we went to Cosmo Grill, which I had just written about. Oddly enough I had just walked past it earlier in the day after I was curious of where exactly it was located. Then I recalled seeing it when I first moved and thinking 'we need to go there'.

When I looked at their website I assumed that since it said it was open until 6 that meant PM... evidently it's 6AM. Stefan called for reservations and then was surprised when we arrived at just how tiny this place is. It has 5 tables and definitely draws people in. I'm sure it gets a fair amount of business from the near by Höfbräuhaus and Opera as well.

As for the burgers, they were quite good. We also sampled the salad and sea salt potatoes. Everything is very fresh, beautiful, and simple.

Stefan had the Cosmo avocado burger, while I opted for the Ziegenkäse (goat cheese) burger, which was slightly sweet. I think next time I will try to Wasabi tuna, because the wasabi sauce I tried from Stefan's was great.

I'd definitely recommend it for a nice gourmet burger that is fresh and light. I'm certain we'll be back. Now I'll need to plan a fun surprise date!

As the German's say: 'Ein guten!'


andrea said...

Both those burgers sound so yummy! I am glad you had a great time!

JoernandAllison said...

What a sweet guy! Dates are awesome when you're married, and even better when they're a surprise :)
The restaurant sounds great too! Maybe we should check it out next time we're in Munich.