Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Free night in Amsterdam

Our friend Martina has gorgeous apartments both here and in Amsterdam, where she is currently living. She's been trying to get us to come visit for some time, but weekends have been few and far between lately. We are planning a trip and it looks like it will now be in June. We'll be staying with her but we'll also be able to stay at a new hotel that is opening June 21st called Citizen M. They are small prefab style rooms at their hotel near the airport.

Since I love design I often read up on neat hotels and concepts when I stumbled upon Citizen M, which plans to branch all over Europe. This is what their website says:

"So how are we able to provide such high quality for such low prices? The answer lies in our construction. Called ‘Industrial Flexible Demountable’, our rooms are pre-made in our own special factory off-site. This factory ensures that citizenM’s rooms are of a comparable quality to that of a luxury yacht or private jet. Only the best materials are used and our modular system combines functionality with comfort and design. We like to think that citizenM is an evolution in the hotel industry. But since citizenM likes to be a little bit modest, we won’t shout about it. At least not too much."

I'm still wondering just how much a room there costs, but my guess is about 100€.

Well it looks like we'll have an extra 100€ to spend on food and fun, because they had 100 free rooms to the first 100 people to book and I snagged one! I'm really excited!

It was really a bit of a pain, with tons of error messages, but even checking out a funky new concept for free sounds great to me... and I know Martina will be happy that we'll finally make it and not put her out for an entire weekend.

I will say the rooms at citizen M look exactly as they describe them: like they are on a yacht. Except our view will be over Amsterdam rather than the ocean.

The last time I was in Amsterdam was only for one evening when my flight had to be grounded due to losing gasoline - fun right?

I'm hoping this trip will be equally as memorable, but for different reasons. I'll keep you posted.

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