Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Anouk Omlo

When I was teaching art I always loved projects that elevated it by intertwining it with math and science. Milan design week was just a week ago and I fell in love with the work of Anouk Omlo. Not only does she have a cool name, her work is beautiful and based on mother nature's golden rule and the Fibonacci sequence. There's an innate appeal that organic things carry, even if they are man made.

Perhaps I am also drawn to her work because it is similar to that of Jen Stark, the paper artist that I am in awe of. What's unique is that Omlo uses ceramics to craft her ‘Helica Series’. I love the delicate balance and the attention to detail in both artists work and how logical and mathematical equations are able to create something so organic.

I should also note that Omlo is Dutch. There seem to be so many great artists coming from the Netherlands. While the Dutch artists tend to be creating different work from artists of Scandinavia, it's surely a hot bed of great design and makes me look forward to our trip to Amsterdam even more.

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