Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Book Love

Imagine my surprise and happiness when I read about Good Stock custom books this morning on Oh Happy Day, one of my favorite blogs.

I've written about my obsession with books and making books, but this has been taken to an entirely new level. The website is beautiful and the limitless options are beyond comparison for a beautiful and personal heirloom. And the first year baby book? - It's stunning.

It makes me think about the boxes and boxes of letters that Stefan and I have written to each other, in addition to all of the family mementos, photos, and old letters that can be beautifully preserved.

As soon as family gets involved I get so nostalgic. What an excellent job it would be helping people preserve their memories.


Anonymous said...

I know your love of books, so I bet you will enjoy this stuff. Check out Nicholas Jones...bizzare but beautiful. Yes, this is a bit different than your other type books, but amazing non-the-less.


troy said...

Thanks so much for this, Emily. You're always a wealth of cool info. I love the look of these books. They are quite amazing. We have just started testing out http://www.blurb.com/, which is a bit lower end, but also much less expensive (think book for 60-80 euros). We'll let you know the quality when we receive our first book. All the best.

Emily said...

Thanks for the Nicholas Jones link! Amazing what that guy does with books... it reminds me of Jen Stark with the intricate cuttings.

I'm glad that I can share some fun things. Those books are definitely amazing and a little hefty in price, but blurb is a great alternative. I actually made a book using blurb when I was back in the states. It turned out really well. I'm even working on a second one.

A couple of other book making sites are mypublisher + mpix (which has matte paper), although I liked blurb best for my purposes.

I'll have to get some pictures up here of the ones I've done... and get on finishing the one I've been working on.

Moya & Troy said...

Hi Emily,
You have a great blog & are sharing a fun slice of Munich with us! I don't know if you saw blurb in the NYTimes today: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/04/17/technology/personaltech/17basics.html?scp=1&sq=Blurb&st=nyt
Looking forward to seeing photos of your final product. Cheers!