Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Today I met up with Brock + Manuel and we decided to head to Frühlingfest, which is basically a small sampling of what Oktoberfest is about. It's located at Theresienwise, and has loads of carney rides and one lone beer tent. I never quite understand why these events aren't marketed towards tourists much at all because there also aren't many locals that go either. It seems like a lot of effort to put everything together and not have more customers. (At Oktoberfest the above tent would be difficult to even find a table in.)

For some reason these festivals always have airbrushed signs with American icons, flags, and awful Cowboy / Native American stereotyped imagery. Isn't it nice to be associated with such kitschy and tacky items?

I'm already looking forward to celebrating Oktoberfest and having friends visit. I can't wait to hear what they think about all of it. I don't think people usually expect the carney twist. Today we even saw a ride that spun and flipped that looked frightening. On the sign it had the universal struck through red circle denoting vomiting and urinating on this ride is 'verboten'. I'm curious how they prevent drunkards from partaking in these rides. Regardless you couldn't pay me to get on one.

We also appreciated the flowers as we walked through the city. There always seem to be new ones in bloom and familiar parks often look different from the new colors and varieties, although the white ones remain to be my favorite.

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