Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cosmo Grill

It's probably quite obvious that I am not a big meat eater, however I do appreciate a veggie burger from time to time. I often try to make my own black bean burgers, which always come out a bit too moist, but they suffice.

I was reading a design website a while back when I came across a small restaurant that was up for design awards, which immediately piqued my interests.

I love good architecture, design, and a delicious meal. It just so happens this little gem is in Munich. I've yet to visit... I'm adding this one to another date list, however the ingredients look seriously delicious. You can check out the menu here: Cosmo Grill Menu.

I think my picks would be the Wasabi Tuna burger or the Goat Cheese burger, although I'm still amazed a black bean burger is so hard to find around here.

I'd love to hear if anyone has been.

It looks like Stefan + I will need a home town vacation soon to enjoy Munich's simple little pleasures.

(images from Design Build Network)

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