Monday, April 28, 2008

White Dishes

It's probably jumping the gun a bit to get more dishes and serving ware, after all we don't entertain too often due to having a quaint but sweet apartment. Sometimes I can't resist myself. I love beautifully designed things and dishes are no different -especially if they are white.

When we went to Vienna I even wrote down the dish ware brand at our hotel, the Levante Parliament, because I was that impressed. (If anyone cares they have Alchemy fine china, Mepra silverwear, and Dedon patio furniture... unfortunately I didn't get the maker of the bed + sheets - which were also phenomenal.)

Stefan will be delighted to see I made a few purchases while he was gone. Today I stumbled across a few pieces that compliment my collection... and to think just the other day I was saying 'I think I need some more serving pieces'.

I've developed a new love for the German porcelain brand Kahla. They have some seriously beautiful things that have won quite a few design awards.

Funny how a trip to the post office and bakery can turn into lugging dishes across town. I was also pleased to find a tiny pitcher perfect for coffee creamer (which I don't drink) and milk for tea (another love of mine). It reminded me of being a tiny child and getting the biggest thrill when my mother would fill her tiny pitcher and let us pour milk over our own cereal. Aren't the simple pleasures in life always the best?


Anonymous said...

ohhh- i LOVE dishware too! is all about the simple pleasure in life...I totally agree!

JoernandAllison said...

I have become completely addicted to dishware in the past couple of years. Surprisingly, I don't know Kahla, but will have to check them out.
The pitcher is adorable! Everyone needs a coffee creamer, someday, you may just use it :)