Wednesday, April 1, 2009


My Grandma received her Sistine Chapel puzzle a couple weeks back. I hear she's putting it together, although it is quite a struggle. All of the little intricate boxes definitely make things more complicated, but my sister and Mom were visited when she received it and she was so excited. I'm hoping my sister sends me a few pictures once she completes it... and I'm also hoping she is still happy we sent it.

I thought of my her the other day again when I saw the cookie jar that I wanted to get her for Christmas. Remember her enormous cookie jar collection?

This cookie jar I went to buy in December, but it was sold out, and then we raced around trying to figure out what to get her. Let me just say cookie jars aren't very common in Germany. Now I just have to get back home for her birthday or give it to her at Christmas.


JoernandAllison said...

That cookie jar is really unique. It has such a fun vibe and the painting is beautiful. I'm sure it will make a wonderful statement in your grandma's cookie jar collection.

Anonymous said...

Hey you think you might come in for her birthday? That would be awesome! I would have to say, this cookie jar would be one of the most unique ones of the bunch...I still am in love with the jar you got her from Ireland (next time you go, get me one!!)

She will love it, especially since you thought of her...from a far!

Miss and Love, hugs and kisses.
Aunt Patty