Sunday, April 12, 2009

Buckingham Palace

Easter morning we went to Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, and the Tower of London. I was amazed at the amount of tourists who had come to see the changing of the guards. We were just passing through.

It really made me think about daily life of the Royal family. It's probably a good thing that they don't know any different, because I think I would feel like a real prisoner living like that.

The guards were warming up and playing songs like Cococabana, which was definitely not expected. I guess even the most serious of beefeaters needs to have fun once in a while.

We played tourists and had our photos taken as we admired the flower gardens. It's nice to see that Spring has finally arrived.

Outside Big Ben was a large protest against the genocide of Tamils by the Sri Lankans, which we had also seen the day before at Hyde Park. People are definitely good at planning large gatherings to get attention for their causes. That always strikes me as such a European way to get things done, but it definitely works when done peacefully.

And then it was time for Stefan's Easter surprise...

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JoernandAllison said...

Did you see the changing of the guard? I think it would be interesting to see once.
I love the image of Beefeaters playing Copacabana, that is just awesome! Thanks for putting Barry Manilow in my head too :)
It does really make you think sometimes, how the royal family lives. They have more in their lives than we could ever imagine, but sometimes, it seems like we have the ability to be purely happy, unlike the royals.