Monday, April 13, 2009

Mangostin at the Airport

We flew back from London early - and on Easter Monday, meaning all groceries are closed (except for the Edeka at the airport). Usually we run towards the S-bahn in hopes of not having just missed one.

Instead since we arrived at lunch, we stopped at Mangostin (located in terminal 2 upstairs). Stefan took a sushi making course with his office at their restaurant near the zoo, however I had not tried it yet. Now I will no longer go into a panic and feel the need to search my pantry if we're coming home late or on a holiday.

Just beware - the portions are large, but the food is very delicious.

They also offer parking validation if you drive. I'm guessing only for day visits, not long term parking. There's also a flight viewing deck right next to the restaurant, which costs 2€, which could be a fun day trip for little ones.

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JoernandAllison said...

That's one thing I really love about living near a major train station or airport, the availabilty of great things on Sundays or holidays. Sushi is really delicious, glad you enjoyed it!