Thursday, April 23, 2009

Locked Up Abroad

Sometimes I feel like I live under a rock, because I'm not as up to date with pop culture (let's face it - German TV is nothing special... even the Germans agree).

I just learned about a new (at least to me) TV show called 'Locked Up Abroad', and I can't get enough of it. (In foreign markets it's called 'Banged Up Abroad'.

If you don't live in the US or you're not the proud owner of a sling box (we have one, but I still had never heard of the show), you can watch the it via YouTube.

It features true stories of people that barely make it home alive from their international adventures. Some have been abducted, some have made careless choices and end up in jail, but their stories are incredible and harrowing.

Don't even watch the ones about the Philippines without having tissues nearby.

Another series that I really enjoy is Morgan Spurlock's 30 Days. Each episode is an educational, challenging, and controversial look into the lives of others. These episodes can be watched via his website regardless of where in the world you live - (Thank you to whomever made that decision at FX!).

I also learned he'll be doing a movie adaptation of the popular Freakonomics book. I'm looking forward to seeing what that will be about.

Finally I can watch informative documentaries as opposed to Galileo, Germany's sorry attempt to being investigative, as they have 'Jumbo Schreiner' gorge himself on one more 'world's largest (insert type of food)'. I wish I was joking.

(photo courtesy of National Geographic)


Katie_F said...

We get Locked Up Abroad on our Czech satellite. It's one of the few shows that I watched in the US that I can still watch on tv here. I am addicted to it.

JoernandAllison said...

I'll have to check those shows out. They both sound like quality TV. And yes, I am in total agreement, if I have to watch another show about the world's largest schnitzel, I'm going to throw a rock through the TV.
Of course, I can't live without GZSZ, but that has been a habit formed over 8 years!

Emily said...

I need to check out your other favorite about Air Crash Investigations. It's so fascinating.

They are so interesting! They definitely beat the world's largest schnitzel. I'm proud of you for even finding something to watch here - don't forget it helps with your language skills!

Reannon said...

Locked Up Abroad sounds neat...Can you really watch in on youtube? Thanks for the idea!