Sunday, May 18, 2008

salted peanut butter brownies

My mom is notorious for making brownies for breakfast and today I decided to do the same. I made mine with a mix of peanut butter and a sprinkle of salt. They are heavenly.

I often feel as though I have to ration my baking mixes. Inevitably when I go home, my bags are stocked with cake mixes and other cooking and baking necessities. One of my favorites to bring, is an Oreo whipped dessert that is completely effortless and yet people go crazy over it. I also bring American peanut butter. We have peanut butter here as well, however it's not as creamy.

Last time I flew back to Germany I had an economy sized peanut butter in my carry on. Unfortunately they considered it a gel and therefore I had to go back to recheck it in another bag. The man behind the counter asked if Germany didn't have peanut butter. I felt guilty admitting they do and that it's a bit grittier. He laughed. I didn't expect him to understand. German peanut butter is edible, however I only use it in sauces so I can conserve my beloved Jif.

I read a great book called 'The Culture Code' by Clotaire Rapaille, that said peanut butter is to Americans what cheese is to the French, because it's a comfort food from childhood. It's not nearly as popular here as something like Nutella, but it does give me happy thoughts - particularly if it's paired with chocolate.


Jul said...

I've taken to making my own peanut butter - just peanuts and salt in the food processor. Not creamy like Jiff, but super yummy!

Emily said...

Thanks Jul - I will have to try that!