Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Yesterday as I was walking through an increasingly crowded Marienplatz, the flower shops were buzzing with people. There were plenty of signs proclaiming not to forget Mom. How could anyone? Days like this definitely make me miss family get togethers that we have at home and wish I wasn't so far away.

Sometimes it's funny what a coincidence things are that can remind me of my Mom. Today Stefan and I went to enjoy the weather at the Englischer Garten and then to have a beer in her honor. Low and behold we saw a Great Pyrenees - the same breed as Mieka, our family dog. That instantly brought a smile to my face, especially since they are quite rare. I don't know that I have ever seen one in Munich. I also loved that this Pyr had enjoyed some time in the water. I know she would have loved this - fortunately I am the strange girl that takes pictures of other people's pets.

We had a lazy afternoon at the park, where everyone seemed to be speaking English. Sometimes it's nice just to eavesdrop and understand everything, although some of the conversations were rather interesting. On our bike ride back home we stopped to test out a relatively new restaurant called Pommes Boutique.

They claim to have fries like those in Belgium, and I must admit they did quite a decent job of replicating them. They also have about 20 different sauces to choose from. It's definitely a niche restaurant they don't have a huge menu, but the restaurant itself is quite simple and nice.

We chose to celebrate Mother's Day at the Wienerplatz beer garden since we hadn't visited this season. Although I appreciate the small reminders of my Mom, nothing beats having her around.

I think tonight I'll enjoy some salt chocolate (something we both love) and think of you Mom! I can't wait to hear how you spent your day - or for the package I sent to arrive!

Happy Mothers Day with love from Munich!

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Caitlin said...

I am coming to Munich to sample those fries and dipping sauces.