Friday, May 16, 2008

My latest venture

I was just realizing just how many books I have made through the past few years. While most of them are more personal in nature, I'm working on making some that are beautiful and more general.

It's unbelieveable that Stefan and I have been married for nearly two years... the time certainly flies. For our wedding I decided to forgo the old guest book or signature mat picture frame and I created a book of our years together with blank spaces for our guests to write wishes, advice, or whatever else the found suitable for the occasion. It turned into a really nice keepsake.

After our wedding I made a book of our photos and another one for our honeymoon. It's nice to have our memories in these nice leather bound books and also to be able to show them to our less techno savvy Grandma's.

My latest venture is making a book of our travels each year and occasionally transforming images into birth and wedding announcements for my friends. Since I love color and traveling it is no surprise that I really like to combine the two and thankfully I have plenty of international friends that are expecting.

I also think a child's first year '365 project' is such a special gift idea, of course that requires a diligent and dedicated parent taking photos every day.

The book making site I like best (if you are willing to do it on your own or with the help of a creative friend) is Blurb. The results are very professional and beautiful. Another tip - if you sign up for emails they occasionally send out offers like free shipping.

If you end up making one send me the preview link - I'd love to see them!

Happy book making!

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