Monday, May 26, 2008

chili chocolate ice cream cakes

I love chocolate and anything spicy, so naturally I really enjoy chili chocolate. Surprisingly, I didn't even have to use one of my bake mixes from home. Isn't it impressive they have chili chocolate cake mix and ice cream here? With that I decided to make the obvious paring.

After a lot of patience and freezer time, my petit chocolate chili ice cream cakes were ready today. I grated a little bit of Vosges chili chocolate over the top with a sprinkle of salt to make the little air bubbles less prevalent and make them a little prettier. What I like most about them, besides the flavor, is how tiny they are. It's a decadent little treat that provides a nice study break for both Stefan and myself. Can you believe he never had ice cream cake before this?

Here's how I made them:
First, I put ice cream into the silicone mini heart cupcake pan and froze it. 
I then baked the cake in another mini heart cupcake pan and waited for it to cool. Unfortunately getting them out didn't work as well as planned, so I had to make them à la Ben + Jerry's, and simply mash the cake crumbles onto the ice cream and refreeze them. 

The next day they were finished and came out nicely. They are so simple.

I can't wait to delight the inner child of other Germans that aren't familiar with the ice cream cake concept.

Now I can just dream of a larger freezer so I could make them more often.

If you didn't know, May is cupcake + ice cream roundup month, get to baking + freezing!


Lane said...

Oh how we longed for a large freezer in Germany! :) At my MIL's we have 2 additional freezers in her basement for 'just in case'! Just in case what? A nuclear holocaust?

Your cake looks delicious!

The Tune's said...

They look Yummy!!!!

Emily said...

Lane -
At least I know you're covered. Maybe you should pack one of them with European cheeses!

I wish I could send some your way! I'll be envious of your freezer when you're back in the states.

Stef said...

I love the little hearts. They are so cute! I'm so glad to hear you are introducing ice cream cake to people. It is an extremely important cultural exchange!! We are also lacking in the freezer space. My husband keeps trying to convince me that we need a deap freeze in the basement, but I'm holding out.
Thanks so much for entering the round up!